If you had met me for the very first time last Spring ’07, you would not believe that only a few years ago I used to be a bright, vivacious, confident, outgoing, full of fun person. I didn’t even recognize myself anymore, this person with a weight dragging every fibre of her being down. When had I become so sad, self-doubting and insecure? My self-esteem was non existent and nothing could uplift my soul. I was miserable. I don’t really know when I changed – I just had. It had been gradual and over a long period of time, probably over 5 or 6 years. I kept up a facade which I had grown adept at managing, but behind closed doors I was on the floor. Could no-one see the change in me? Maybe, my mother had. I felt ill and constantly tired. In my personal life I lacked energy, enthusiasm, drive. I could have slept/cried my life away. Monday to Friday, with a demanding job, it was pure nerves and adrenalin that kept me going, in the evenings and weekends I just slumped. I was so unhappy, a very sad, emotional person, and I did not know where to start to make the changes or where to get help.

Then one day early Summer last year, I met up with Sonia again. We hadn’t seen each other for years, we had a lovely day together and she asked me if I would be interesting in joining one of her ‘groups’. Ridiculous as it seems, I really didn’t know what I was saying ‘yes’ to. I just felt drawn to her kindness. Months later I asked Sonia ‘what made you ask me to join your group – had you noticed the change in me – how did you know I was so sad and low?’

The answer to that question is in the person I am now – only 9 months down the line the change in me is remarkable. My sparkle is on it’s way back! Sonia has been an amazing support to me and she has given me a life tool – Meditation. With that tool has come so much strength and guidance. Sonia had recognized something that no-one else had. I was crying out for help but had lost my voice. Sonia is helping me to find my voice again.

I initially joined her Wednesday group and now I also attend her monthly Novice Development Group. I’ve also had one to one sessions with healing which have been extremely beneficial to me. I’m not a weak person, I’ve always been an extremely strong person, in the main positive, creative, a go-getter and achiever. But a series of ‘normal life’ events had changed that person. You would not have described me as ‘spiritual’ or ‘brown rice!’ (and you still wouldn’t), but Sonia has taught me that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and find the peace within and she has been my key to finding that place in myself.

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