Peace of Mind offers Meditations as digital downloads, to help you to practice in your own time.

You can buy the whole 3 Meditation Set from Amazon or iTunes.

Alternatively, the individual Meditations are for sale right here, and you can find them below.

There are three Meditations to choose from. On each you will hear Sonia’s voice guiding you into the meditation, then this is followed by 30 minutes of silence, after which you will again hear her voice gently bringing you back.

Peace of Mind Meditation affects is not only for relaxation, it affects you physically, mentally and spiritually, involving and relaxing your entire being. Introduction to Silent Meditation is the best one for beginners to use daily.

The Silver Stream Silent Meditation gives a more visual entry into meditation. This is more suitable for people who have meditated before.

White Light Meditation is more suitable once you have mastered the art of meditation.

A visualization exercise for Letting Go.

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