“It’s difficult to put into words how meditation has helped me regain some desperately needed balance in my life. To start with the groups provided some quiet time for me and a tremendous sense of empathy and support, but the real benefits of mediation almost crept up on me! I found myself reacting differently and calmly to what would have previously been incredibly stressful situations and those close to me began to notice a grounded and quietly strong person who wouldn’t put up with the same old rubbish I’d tolerated for years. I also started to recover much quicker from any event rather than carry the baggage round for weeks or in some cases years and people started to treat me differently.

During my journey (which is by no means ending) I had to deal with some challenging issues where I felt totally lost. The One to One’s and support from Sonia were just amazing and its wonderful to know that safety net is always there which I will no doubt need again as life throws up more challenges along the way.

I won’t pretend that this change happened overnight and unfortunately Sonia’s mantra of daily practice really does work in the end, however impossible it seems at the start. I now see meditation as an essential tool for life, something which I couldn’t do without. Words don’t really describe the true change, but put simply, I was surviving life whereas now I’m able to live it!”

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