Abbie S

I started going to Peace of Mind Meditation Group two years ago not knowing what to expect and I surprised myself by how quickly meditation became part of my life. Before I would have said “I can’t possibly meditate, my mind is far too active” and I am pleased to say I have been proved wrong. Meditation has created a gradual stillness in me, enabling me to trust my instincts and I have had the courage to tackles issues that kept me clinging to the past.

I still feel I’m me but friends have commented on how much more measured I am. Life continues to throw out its challenges but if I wobble, I regain my balance quickly; in the past I would have spiralled down. The best bit is that the meditations just get better, however tired, stressed or strung out I feel, after a meditation I feel so much clearer. My husband noticed the difference in me and joined the men’s group!

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