Barbara D

In 2001 I had reached ‘the bottom of the well’. I felt lost as I had lost the sense of purpose in my life. It was a time when I got to understand what a mid-life crisis may feel like or when people say they feel empty and search for something to fill in the void. I didn’t like it. I was 31 and thought this was happening too early.

I read a few self help books, saw some practitioners, but no-one could really help. I felt that my feet were not touching the ground anymore – I was watching myself as if from the outside, living this meaningless life without any enthusiasm and excitement that I used to have years ago and avoiding people at all costs.

Just by coincidence I got talking to a girl at work who told me about spiritual healing. I wasn’t interested at first – yet another thing to try I thought – but as I felt very down and knew I needed help I asked her for Sonia’s details and joined the meditation group.

I didn’t see any improvement straightaway and was impatient. I felt like everyone was smiling and was OK and I was the only one who wasn’t. After about 3 months I even decided to stop going to the group as I felt angry it wasn’t helping. I guess I needed to be angry at someone/something. Sonia didn’t try to stop me when I told her and a couple of days later I called her with an apology as I knew I had made a mistake and that if she didn’t help me no-one would.

Shortly after that, Sonia realized that the group wasn’t right for me and I’ve been having individual sessions once a month with a different type of meditation. After only a few sessions I felt so much better – happier, with more energy and enthusiasm for life and so I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Within 8-9 months I felt I was ready to start, or should I say fix my life and was going out more, making friends, dancing. I even found love without looking for it – it just came to me.

I don’t feel 100{97393ee49750567ec7e1273a59eda45882198ba27b562832bdf1c4c2caa0ae58} healed yet, but the worst is over and I am a different person now and love it. The most important improvement is that I love myself and want to take care of that and protect it – I value myself and don’t put myself down. This way I have notice other value me and respect me. I am a better/stronger parent and when my teenage daughters are giving me problems I stay calm and somehow find creative solutions which work. It’s amazing!

Sonia is such a wise, caring lady and is always there if I need her. I dread to think how my life would have been if I hadn’t found her, but I guess deep down I knew I would, I just didn’t know how. I believe that one day I will be just fine without her when the healing process is completed, but I will always continue with my meditation, which is so important and which I got to love doing.

As for thanking her – I wouldn’t know how to begin…

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