Sue Blake

Joining Sonia for the one to one sessions, the weekly small group and her monthly development sessions in her delightful bergamot infused lodge, dedicated to meditation, was like arriving at a much needed oasis. Sonia is an insightful and gifted teacher. For almost 3 years I have meditated most days and continue to find the practice so beneficial in so many areas of my life.

I can see how deliberately learning how to quieten my mind gives me what I was looking for all along – peace of mind.

I think many people are working faster and harder than ever before – I know I am. Yet whilst I continue to work hard, I am rarely ever drained from it. Meditation for me has become a beautiful part of my coping skills toolkit for a healthier and better balanced emotional life and seems to act like a ‘top-up’ somehow and is allowing clearer thinking. I feel that my intuition has increased because of it and that alone is a valuable thing for me as I run my own business. I firmly believe that when the student is ready the teacher appears.

Bless you Sonia.

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