Sarah Hall

I came to Peace of Mind in a bit of a state. I was very tearful, not at ease with myself, and my mind seemed overloaded and chattering all the time. This was partly from being menopausal but also I was very stressed at work and full of worries about my future. The weight of the world seemed to be on my shoulders. I was forever asking myself: “what’s it all about?” and I knew there was something lacking but how would I ever know what it was or where to find it?

Very soon after I first walked through the door and met Sonia and her group of wonderful students, my anxieties began to recede, the causes for being stressed by my job seemed less important and a most surprising thing happened: the awakening of my spirituality. Ah, what a joy and I am thrilled to have been shown this path, particularly through Development and I know that I shall, in time, find my life purpose. This gives me enormous hope for the future.

Through the practice of meditation I now give myself time to quieten and listen and the knock on effect is that I have learned that there is a bigger picture and that everything is for a reason. I now feel so much more grounded, confident, hopeful and better equipped to handle life’s setbacks. I just need to hear my own quiet guidance. This subtle enlightenment influences not only me but everyone in my life. I would certainly say that I at least try to be more compassionate, tolerant and less judgemental towards others and particularly myself.

Peace of Mind gives me a sense of feeling protected, belonging, guided, connected with Spirit, never feeling alone, access to new wisdom and purposefulness.

I feel part of a secret club! How lucky we are and it is great to spend time with likeminded people.

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