When I first started to meditate I would shut my eyes and my mind would chatter away like a group of monkeys. It was so hard to focus and push all thoughts away. But bit by bit with regular practice I began to learn how to calm the chatter and ignore it and this is when a wonderful new world of peace and calm opened up to me. It was like taking a mini holiday each time – coming out of the meditation feeling more refreshed an re-energized!

I also found I had interesting experiences every now and then – I would see colours or eyes and sometimes I would feel the presence of my late mother, which on one occasion brought up so much emotion I cried for over an hour after, which was exhausting, but at the same time all part of having a good emotional clear out, which is what I have found practicing meditation regularly over the years does for you.

I look at myself now and how I deal with life and back to 6 years ago when I started and I see such a difference for the better. I am so much calmer and more grounded amongst other things. I could not imagine my life without it now. So I feel a huge amount of gratitude to my Meditation teacher Sonia, who has helped me develop such a special and valuable tool that I shall use for the rest of my life. Thank you Sonia.

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