Price: £19.99

The Peace of Mind Meditation 3 CD Set, narrated by Sonia Wynn-Jones, ensures a no-excuses way to achieve daily meditations.   Pop the disk into a cd player or download onto your MP3/ipod.

Disk One - start with this one which is the Introduction to Peace of Mind Meditation.   It is perfect for beginners and is thereafter suitable for daily use.   Duration - 37.04 minutes.

Disk Two - once you have learned to meditate and push out the mind, you can progress to the Silver Stream Meditation which will be especially suitable anyone who prefers a more visual entry to meditation.      Some beginners prefer this entry into meditation and have more success with it.   Therefore, it is a good idea to listen to it to make your choice.    Duration: 35.03 minutes.

Disk Three - this is called White Light Meditation and is suitable for those who have mastered the art of meditating.   This is the most powerful of meditations.   Duration time: 35.36 minutes.

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