Thought for the day
28 Apr 2015

Family is not about blood. 

It's about who is willing to

Hold your hand when you

Most need it.

18 Dec 2014

Christmas time is wonderful.  A season full of cheer?.........or is it?  

I rather think that for most adults anyway, it's a season full of pressure.  Present buying, present wrapping, card sending. Food planning and buying and cooking.

We put this pressure on ourselves every year and and wonder why we do it!

We do it is because we love and the effort is for the people we love.  We occasionally give thought to the people who have no-one and nothing and that makes us more determined to expand our giving beyond our nearest and dearest but also makes us make the most of what we are fortunate enough to have.

The ideal would be to keep that feeling of love and of giving with us all the year round and not just at Christmas and we resolve to do so ....... this time!

Here's my favourite Christmas quote:

"Lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together." 
Garrison Keillor


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