Today's Development Group
06 Jun 2015

I have just come in after taking a Development Group today.  I feel it went well and I thought how fascinating it always is to watch the subtle changes to each individual, brought about by Spiritual and Personal Development and to see the joy of enlightenment appear on their faces.  

The journey we travel whist in Development is not always easy or comfortable and I came across this Zen saying which I thought was particularly apt:

"To gain enlightenment, 
you must want it as much 
as a man whose head is 
held underwater wants air."

I feel so privileged to be allowed to help in and witness the amazing experience of enlightenment with a constant flow of such interesting and open people!

Wise Words from a very Wise Man
02 Jun 2015

I learned that courage was not
the absence of fear, but the triumph
over it.   The brave man is not he who
does not feel afraid, but he who
conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

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