When starting to meditate for the first time, many people have no idea what they might experience - they tend to think that meditating is for relaxation only and that is often the prime reason people come to this quiet practice.    In fact, it is so very much more than that and you should know that there are many forms of meditation.

Peace of Mind Meditation affects you physically, mentally and spiritually, involving and relaxing your entire being.   You will be fully awake yet you will surrender into the exquisite quiet of a different dimension of consciousness by tuning into silence.

We encourage you to meditate sitting in a comfortable armchair and in an upright position, arms and legs uncrossed and with your feet firmly on the ground.   Choose a warm environment and make sure you have unplugged/turned off your phones and Blackberry and that everyone else in you household knows not to disturb you for the next 30 minutes.

The meditation starts with a whole body relaxation technique, with your eyes closed, and then we ask that you push out your thoughts and focus on what you can see behind your closed eyes.   To explain a little further, when you close your eyes you see darkness, but that is not all.     If you look further, you will see that there is depth.    When you are in a cinema looking at a blank screen, you do not use your mind to make something present to you on that screen.   In fact, you have pushed your busy mind out and are waiting for something to present to you.   So it is with this form of meditation.   Pushing out the intellectual part of your mind allows you respite from the 'monkey-mind', the nagging mind, the 'to-do list' which plays constantly in our minds.   The more you practice the more the internal chitchat that so often rules our lives, actions, moods, thoughts and behaviour, decreases.

When you surrender into the healing quiet you may see colours and images.   Many people experience some physical sensations too.    All of these things are positive and healing.

We advocate that daily meditations should become a healthy ritual so that they become part of your life - a tool for your life .   Confidence and healthy levels of self-esteem increase the more you meditate.   In doing so, you gain and strengthen the sense of who you really are .   You become supremely comfortable with this and the regular practice enables all kinds of positive conditions too, including, as examples, increased physical healing, resolving emotional imbalances and de-stressing.

Meditating for 30 minutes may, to begin with, feel a little laboured.   For some busy people the very act of sitting still without doing anything and fitting yet another task into an already overcrowded schedule, can feel like a trial yet just as with learning anything new, it is the regular practice and application that then makes it easy and something which becomes as much a part of your day as cleaning your teeth.    Being tired or too busy are not good enough excuses not to meditate!   Studies show in fact that the art and practice of regular meditations increase mental and physical energy levels, thus making us more efficient in our daily lives!   You can successfully meditate on a train, bus, plane, park bench, beach, even in your garden.  

Many people see colours in their meditations.   The colours are an immensely positive aid to self-healing.

Here is a basic explanation:

  • Bright colours such as reds, pinks, oranges yellows and golds are stimulating colours
  • Greens are balancing
  • All shades of blue are immensely healing
  • Purples are the deepest colour of meditation
  • Black is protective (not evil as some people are prone to think!)
  • Bright White is a healing light and represents LOVE and gives an abundant feeling of warmth, unconditional love and comfort

Welcome to the world of Meditation with Peace of Mind