Radionic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Healer/Counsellor and Medium.

Radionics is a form of complementary healing in which the Practitioner broadcasts clearly defined healing energies to the Patient irrespective of the distance between them. The Practitioner uses dowsing techniques, together with Radionic instruments, both to identify and treat the imbalances in the Patient's energy field which lie behind the physical symptoms.

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Reflexologist, specialising in Maternity Reflexology and treatments for couples with infertility problems.   Sophie is also a Healer and runs Meditation Groups from the Peace of Mind lodge in London SW14.

Reflexology is an holistic treatment aimed at rebalancing the mind, body and spirit. It encourages self healing and helps guide us to optimum health. Based on the principle that our organs and bodily systems are mirrored on reflex points on the feet and/or hands, a treatment works to stimulate the reflexes in order to clear blockages and imbalances caused by illness or lifestyle. Suitable for anyone from babies to the elderly, reflexology can bring great relief to sufferers of hayfever or asthma, digestive problems, stress and anxiety, infertility, muscular-skeletal problems and many more. Alternatively, it can be your preferred means of achieving deep relaxation and having some "me" time."

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Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy - all of which work directly with the sub-conscious mind.

This combination allows her to coach clients, as well as to hold individual 'Breakthrough Sessions' which enable them to overcome any areas where they feel stuck or have limiting beliefs and fears, regardless of how deep they are or how long they have had them. It can also be used to set goals at a deep level in all areas of life, and to move towards their fulfilment.'

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Food/Health Screening, Holistic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage,
Nutritional Therapy,   Reflexology,   Reiki Healing, Nutrition and Holistic Workshops.

Hampton based natural health practitioner with over 10 years experience blending nutritional therapy with holistic body treatments to encourage good health. Specialising in fertility issues, pregnancy, children's health and stress related disorders.

Tel:   07747 133170


LISA LEWIS-YALLOP BA Hons, MBRCP Healer/Counsellor
Clutter Clearing and Home / Work Space Transformation

Lisa works with people to help them create clear, vibrantly energetic and clutter free homes and work spaces.   Clutter clearing your physical environment is an immensely therapeutic and powerful way to instigate positive changes in your life.   As well as creating a beautiful environment for yourself and the people around you, it helps you to gain control of your life at a deep level and gives you increased peace of mind and clarity of purpose.   It also clears the way for you to bring new positive opportunities into your life - abundance, relationships, career success, a new home - whatever it is you are hoping to attract.  

Lisa can help you to step back and view your environment with fresh eyes and to discover what needs to be cleared or enhanced to support your well-being.   She makes the clearing process easy and fun, and helps to motivate, energise and stay focused.    For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact Lisa on:

Tel: 01273 307935 / 07814 545494


Dr Thomas Marshall-Manifold   DC, L.M.M.A. (International), M.M.P.S. (Germany), A.M.O.I.R.F. (Canada), M.B.Ac.A. (England), S.S.B.I. (USA.

The Clinic specialises in the field of Biological Medicine - Prognos.   This involves systems for the objective evaluation of the functional health systems of an individual.

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