"Summertime and the living is easy"..... yet we all know this is often not the case. Try as we might to relax and enjoy the summer break with our family, too often tensions appear, tempers flare and things can go awry.

My clients often hear me say that the practice of regular meditation actually makes our lives run smoother. Why is this? It is because, by taking regular time to quieten our minds at a deep level, we ensure that we react to life’s demands and pressures more calmly. At the time when the children are playing up, the house is a mess, and you’re run ragged to get supper ready and some work done, life can all too easily seem overwhelming and this is when our pressure cooker can all too easily explode!

There is rarely an excuse for not being able to commit to your daily meditation during your summer holiday. You have time alone in the bathroom don’t you? You can quieten your mind even on the loo or in the bath! Look for opportunities to meditate rather than expend energy on making excuses as to why you cannot.

Why should you always come last in the family pecking order? Don’t you deserve your respite? Don’t you think you would function better and tolerate better if you had allowed yourself that respite?

Make meditation your tool for life and see the changes unfold. Over time you can expect a greater sense of peace, increased well being, less stress and anxiety attacks, a greater sense of calmness, increased clarity and intuition and, not least, a break from the eternal monkey mind chit chat in our thoughts.

Now tell me one good reason why YOU cannot commit to meditation and I’ll match yours six fold with further reasons why you can and should!

Meditation a Tool for Life

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