Do you often find that you have unwittingly backed yourself into a corner or feel you have grasped the short straw in life?

Do you sometimes feel emotionally weak and not in control?

Do situations run away with you when all you were trying to do was lend a helping hand?

Do you perpetually struggle with yourself as to what your OWN motives are within a given situation?

When we feel we are going through life getting repeated curve balls thrown at us, we sometimes gravitate towards a lowered emotional place as it, perversely, feels a 'safe' place to stay. When we are in that lowered emotional state we fail to recognise the fact that we are repeating patterns of unhelpful responses to the situations which confront us. Conversely our reactions and behaviour often sabotage the very outcome we are seeking.

The good news is that Meditation is the way to change this mindset, finally freeing ourselves from these disempowering patterns of behavioural responses and enabling us to strengthen at an extremely deep, emotional and spiritual level which then influences things in our physical lives.

How can Meditation do this?

The practice of regular daily Meditation helps us, through its quietening process at soul level, to lose fear. This then helps us to strengthen our resolve, and brings in clarity, insight, objectivity and wisdom, heightening our intuition and enabling us to fulfil our own personal potential and live the way we would really choose.

We all have choices in life and it is our choice whether we work to strengthen ourselves in this way, because doing so doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, allowing the subtle process of change to happen as we use Meditation to tap into the quiet and build on the strength which is buried deep inside every one of us. Then, as we go through our daily life, we gradually begin to notice that we have handled something – perhaps a tricky situation - in a better way, or maybe we have thought something through with an objectivity and clarity that only comes from being able to still the emotions and push away the unhelpful, learned reactions and behaviour patterns which have dogged us for most of our lives.

Our daily actions are important as each action we take every moment of every day has a consequence and in some way, we are always creating karma. There is a cause and effect in everything we do and the energy we create by taking an action will come back to us in some way and at some point.

When we are highly emotionally charged, the decisions we make for ourselves and others are frequently clouded and therefore are often impaired.

Through the deep quietening of Meditation we become more measured in our thoughts and actions because we create the space for clarity, insight, objectivity and wisdom. This, coupled with increased resolve, courage and heightened intuition helps us see the ‘signs’ and read them correctly. We become stable and perceptive at our very core. We truly learn to take control of our own lives.

So what can we expect from Strengthening?

  • A sharpness of mind which allows us to objectively analyse situations, assess people and motives with the correct perspective and without the emotions which usually cloud our thoughts and colour our views, more often than not in an unhelpful way.
  • We achieve the ability to bring balance into our life and become more effective in a high performance working world.
  • We develop the courage to say ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ for the right reasons.
  • A growth in confidence which gives us the ability to remain unfazed over things which would once have knocked us off balance.
  • The courage to place healthy boundaries which also earns us the respect of others.
  • The strength to ‘let go’ of unhelpful people or situations having developed a certainty about our decisions.
  • We learn to trust and draw upon our new found inner strength and are no longer hindered as we once were, because we have finally faced the truth about ourselves and about our situations.

The phrase “the buck stops here” springs to mind. We gain the courage to confront ourselves squarely and honestly. There is nowhere to hide. We must, at this point meet our emotional selves head on. Can there be a more perfect opportunity in this life to ensure we get it right?

The current economic climate is requiring a more grounded, solid and stable approach to our lives. It is not what happens to us, it is how we react and deal with it that counts.

It is true that everyone who strengthens at this deep level will find it life enhancing. Strengthening not only makes us more self-assured, happier and more fulfilled, but the ripple effect of our grounded persona, positively affects all those we interact with. People report that their personal and professional lives significantly improve.

Strengthening is yet another personal tool we gain through the daily quietening of Meditation. It provides us with an inner emotional rudder, allowing us to handle our lives more competently and without expending unnecessary emotional energy in the wrong direction.

All this can be achieved through the quietening process of Meditation. What are you waiting for?

For best results, make 30 minutes of Peace of Mind Meditation a daily ritual.

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