We, as human beings, emanate an energy or vibration which is called our ‘light’ because it comes from a place within us of pure goodness and love. It is both a physical and spiritual energy which we all have to some extent or another. Our light comes from our essence and is our good intention towards others.

Some people have this ‘light’, this good energy, in abundance and, although it is not visible to the majority of people, (there are many people who can see auras), it is nonetheless very noticeable and something people sense the very moment they come into contact with it.

How often do you find yourself in the company of people who drain your energy?

All of us have people in our lives who seem to suck all the energy out of us. These people are usually very needy. They are attracted to our ‘light’ like moths to a flame and often, although we may try to support them, nothing is ever quite enough for them, they always seem to need that little bit more, and then even a bit more still. In the end it is we who are left depleted, drained of our energy, our ‘light’. If we are not replenishing ourselves enough with the top up of healing and quietening that regular meditation brings us, we become depleted, drained of our energy and over burdened.

The practice of regular meditation - 30 minutes a day - is the most important commitment of all that we make to ourselves.

It helps us to be aware and regulate what is happening and to take action and step back before we get too sucked in.

Meditation = quietening = strengthening = clarity = confidence = balance

However, energy-draining people do not necessarily figure in our personal or professional lives in a regular way. It can be someone we meet fleetingly, but in their company, even for that short time, we can feel zapped and drained, wondering what hit us.

How often do we find ourselves trying to maintain and sustain toxic relationships? This can be within a marriage or partnership or within the workplace or within our family or a friendship. The relationship itself is so very evidently out of balance but we are still hanging on in there, propping up the other person. In effect our ‘light’ is being stolen.

How can we avoid this? How can we better manage situations to regulate the amount of time and the direction in which we expend that energy?

The answer is - through regular quietening and strengthening, meditation.

Meditation affords us the ability to manage ourselves around needy/energy-sapping people. It begins with becoming self aware and helping us to recognise and accept the truth of our relationships and situations. It helps us to take a step back, giving better perspective, understanding and heightened intuition and wisdom, thus enabling us to see things as they really are and not as we would have them be.

Through the practice and daily ritual of Meditation (initially 30 minutes a day takes discipline to fit into the already busy schedule but 10 minutes every now and again is not enough), we grow our self esteem, self respect and self love. We literally grow our internal source of goodness energy. We begin to manage our life by actually letting go of the reins of control and gaining the courage to face the facts rather than trying to force things to live up to the illusion we have created with our minds.

Deeply quietening through daily meditation is recommended in order to enhance our ability to ‘see’ people for who they truly are and, in time, we notice a shift in our thinking and behavioural responses. We achieve a truer perspective and develop the confidence to either distance ourselves or entirely let go and move away from what or who is stealing our ‘light’!

We should also be very aware that we too can often be drawn and attracted to people with a negative energy. Sometimes these people can sense our ‘light’ and would like to own it themselves. (This is not a conscious thought or intention on their part.) However, their negative energy is frequently cloaked by such charisma and charm that initially we are intoxicated and our normal ‘sight’ and rationale in that moment is lost. No matter how charismatic or charming someone might be, the art of seeing beyond this is an important life skill.

Why do some of us repeat the pattern again and again, often being attracted to these negative types of people?

Why do many of us find we continually fall for the same kind of person in a relationship?

It is because we are attracted to an energy/vibration which is familiar to us. This can just as easily be a negative energy or vibration as a positive one. The point here is that the energy is familiar to us and we then, mistakenly, think we are attracted to it. Because the attraction and familiarity can be so strong at times, our rational brain is deluded.

So how can we recognise this and break the repeating pattern?

Once again, it is through the quietening and strengthening which regular meditation brings. When quietened at a deep soul level, we enter what I call the ‘truth zone’. This is a place where we cannot escape the truth. It isn't optional: it's what happens when, through meditation, we connect to our higher self; we connect to ourselves at soul level, reaching a knowledge which is far wiser and more profound than anything the mind can produce.

Through meditation we develop and heighten our innate sixth sense, our intuition which then enables us to 'see' beyond the shell of a person and beyond what they are presenting to us that they would have us believe in. We see them for who and what they truly are and we develop the courage and the will to protect ourselves.

Meditation, a Tool for Life.

For best results, make 30 minutes of Peace of Mind Meditation a daily ritual.

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Copyright: Sonia Wynn-Jones and Sue Blake 2010