About Us

Peace of Mind Meditation and Intuitive Counselling Centre is an holistic practice for quiet meditation and was founded by Sonia Wynn-Jones, a gifted Meditation Teacher and Healer/Counsellor.

The Peace of Mind Meditation Centre takes place in a purpose-built meditation lodge in the garden of her home in leafy, tranquil South West London adjacent to the wide open expanse of Richmond Park.

Sonia leads meditation groups for men and women and offers intuitive counselling sessions to individuals and couples on a private basis. Everyday, using her quietening process, she literally sees the difference that meditation and the cultivation of a 'peace of mind' makes to people and how it can totally turn lives around for the better.

In this fast-paced, stressful and emotional world, there has never been a better time to encourage people to learn how to meditate to aid their emotional and physical health and wellbeing. It is the regular practice of 30 minutes a day meditation which engenders a significant change in stress levels, re-balancing the emotions, thus also benefiting physical health.

Not all meditation teachers are like Sonia and there are many, many forms of meditation. Sonia has the natural ability to relax people in her presence.   From this place of relaxation comes trust and open communication and through her guided work she listens .... and shares her unique insight and wisdom.    Peace of Mind Meditation is a 30 minute daily pool of warmth, comfort and wellbeing within the private sanctuary of your quietened mind.

People of all ages, professions and life situations, benefit from meditation. It is a technique that initially requires daily individual practice to gain maximum effect and   Sonia is a staunch advocate of 30 minutes daily meditation as 'you time.' For many leading busy and frenetic lifestyles, making time to meditate often leads to a profound awakening of their 'self.'

Peace of Mind is now able to offer online intuitive counselling sessions with clients anywhere in the world.   Sessions are typically one hour in duration.   See 'Intuitive Counselling' or click here.

Sonia Wynn-Jones MBRCP is a Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.